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Active Managers Should Communicate Their Advantages Relative to Passive Investments…and Why Investors Shouldn’t Abandon Them

Many active fund managers are feeling beleaguered.  Media consensus nearly unanimously guides investor toward passively managed ETFs and funds and decry the shortcomings of active management. It is no wonder.  Passive funds have largely outperformed passive funds for 10 years running[i].  Mutual fund cash flows have favored passive funds as well.  What’s an active fund [...]

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Q&A with Shane Stiles, Gate 39 Media – Online Visibility Enhanced by Thought Leadership

We encourage our clients to have a thought leadership program to connect with existing customers, engage new leads, and to share with media. Successful thought leadership programs engage audiences with interesting content that can be posted to a company blog or website, social media and in relevant publications that speak to the right audiences.  Thought leadership [...]

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Native Advertising’s Place in a Hierarchy of Influential Content

We read with interest a recent piece in the advisor publication RIABiz about the launch of Barron’s NEXT, an effort by the venerable investment tome to reach out to Millennial readers. Whether Barron’s can successfully connect with this generation seemed to be a side note to a very interesting conversation about sponsored content and native [...]

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Crisis Communications: Thoughts on Theranos’ Messages to Employees

The widely publicized drama of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is well known. The lessons in this implosion are many, but a new article in the Wall Street Journal reminds us of the importance of clear and honest communications in general, but especially with employees. In Theranos’ case, sharing partial information and not telling the whole story [...]

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Why Big Advertisers Are Shifting to Native Content

The Wall Street Journal’s recent special advertising report, The Ad Revolution, leads with an article called “Advertisers Try New Tactics to Break Through to Consumers,” which includes a diatribe from big advertisers about the challenge to get share of mind in today’s digital age.  With so many people streaming video, disconnecting cable and avoiding any [...]

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“No Comment” Has a Bad Name

The words “no comment” have a bad reputation. For many, the words mean “guilty.” When you say “no comment,” a reporter immediately gets suspicious. “Why can’t she comment? Is there a legal reason? Maybe there is a lawsuit? A pending deal?” Neurons in the reporter’s brain begin to spin. Yet the reality is there are [...]

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Honing Your Alternative Investments Communications Skills

A must-read article by Morningstar (at this link) shares the results of the annual joint Morningstar/Barron’s survey of how advisors and institutions use and perceive alternative investments. Alternative investments is a “catch-all” investment category that includes hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate partnerships, and mutual funds that seek to mimic these and other types [...]

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Making Resolutions That Work

I resolve to: Save more/spend less Eat well Stay fit Those who know me well are aware of my annual New Year’s Resolution tradition.  I spend a good deal of time thinking about my annual goals.  I write them on a 3 by 5 card.  I also grade myself on last year’s goals.  Over time, [...]

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What Makes You Successful? Productive?

As I prepared for my annual New Year’s Resolution exercise (see related blog post Making Resolutions Work), I asked a number of successful people a few questions about what has contributed to their success and how they stay productive. The responses to this unscientific survey were both inspiring and humbling. A few themes emerged: Love [...]

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